Meets pressing community needs by mobilizing caring New Yorkers in volunteer service.

Make Calls to Support New Yorkers


Reach out through phone calls! Phone banking helps city agencies and nonprofits better serve New Yorkers.  

Female volunteer on phone smiling and looking into the distance

About the Program


A phone bank is a structured program to reach out to large groups of people. Though the calls are one-on-one, you’ll have support from a team leader during the project.


Phone banks help pair people in need with additional resources. Most city agencies and non-profits do not have the manpower for such scaled outreach. Our phone bank projects range from wellness checks to technical support for remote learning.

What to expect

Find a project you’d like to be part of and sign up for it on our website. There will be a pre-project call to walk you through the details. During the project, you can take short breaks but expect to be on the phone most of the time. You will be following a script. The data you collect is used by city agencies and non-profits to help their clients receive vital services and support.

When can I help?

Right now, there is less need for phone bank volunteers. City agencies and non-profits reach out to us at different times. If you complete the training, please stand by and wait to be contacted.

Become a Phone Bank Volunteer

You will need:

  • access to a computer, microphone, and speakers. 
  • to commit to a 3-hour session 


What's next:

  1. Complete a short online training and sign our confidentiality waiver. 
  2. After an online background check (which may take a few days) you are ready to volunteer. 


Start Online Training